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We help you find top data scientists for your company, and assess your existing data science talent.

AIMrecruits is a leading talent Search Firm specializing in Analytics, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.

Handpicking Data Science & ML candidates

A subsidiary of Analytics India Magazine, AIMRecruits is an India focused search firm that partners with leading businesses to assess and acquire top data science talent to drive breakthrough performance.

Our Specialities

Data Science

With more than a decade of experience as a leading media brand in data science

Machine Learning

We understand the ecosystem of machine learning and advanced analytics more than anyone else.

Data Engineering

As an emerging field, data engineering requires a search partner that you can trust with complete understanding of the area.



Talent Search is our primary area of service. We help you find the best people for your data science team.


Our proprietary Hackathon Platform – Machinehack is among the few leading, full-service machine learning hackathon platforms in the world


Create an external interview panel with our experienced data science experts.

Employer Branding

Leading tech firms around the world execute employer branding campaigns with us, to reach millions of ML developers & data scientists in India.

“With more than a decade of experience as a leading media brand in AI & Data Science, we understand the ecosystem more than anyone else.”

Why Choose AIMRecruits?

We've maintained an unwavering belief that people deserve meaningful employment since we first opened our doors in 2012. Everyone can find meaning and achievement if they have the correct position, culture, and support.

To make that vision a reality, we handpick our clients and people.

Building trust and understanding has been at the heart of our strategy for the past decade. There's no other way to get to the important results: human potential realised.

Industry Specialization

We specialize in hiring data scientists and machine learning professionals. With a specialized search partner, you can rest assured that we understand your needs well.

Deep Domain Knowledge

Our team has extensive industry expertise in data science & machine learning and stay on top of trends and issues within these industries.

Unparalleled Reach

We reach out to more than a million users each month, through our media brands.


High Brand Visibility

AIM is synonymous with analytics & AI in India. Millions of user read our carefully curated stories to get a pulse of the industry.

Why is analytics hiring so hard?

“Rohit bagged a 50 lakh job as a data scientist,” “Meena received a pay package of 25 lakhs as a data engineer,” sounds familiar? Well,

Ethical & Close Working Relationships

Our teams develop close and effective working partnerships with you to ensure we understand your strategic challenges and search requirements.

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